Funding your wallet

Now you have created your wallet, it's time to fund it with crypto tokens. To make any transaction on a blockchain, such as a trade on a decentralized exchange or a deposit in Beefy's vaults, you need the native gas token to pay for it. For Ethereum, it's ETH, for BNB Chain, it's BNB, etc.

Fiat On-Ramp

There are several providers that let you buy crypto directly to your wallet by using a bank transfer or credit card. On Beefy, various services allow you to do just that, bundled in one module for an easy overview that lets you pick the best option. You just need to click on the Buy Crypto button on the top of the page to start the Fiat On-Ramp process.

Centralized Exchange method

Funding your wallet is relatively easy if you already have an account on a centralized exchange, such as Binance or Coinbase. In short, it comes down to withdrawing your crypto from the exchange to your wallet address. In the process, you choose the coin to withdraw and the blockchain network on which you wish to receive the crypto asset.

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