How to Add and Remove Liquidity

In this guide you will find the required steps how to Add and Remove Liquidity as well as staking and unstaking it from the vault.

As an example, we are going to work with BIFI-BNB LP in this guide. In a liquidity pool, both BIFI and BNB need to be provided at a 50/50 ratio value wise. Since we start with 100% BNB, this guide covers swapping BNB to BIFI too.

Adding liquidity

1. Click "Buy Token"

2. Confirm the "Token imported" screen on PancakeSwap

3. Swap BNB for BIFI

Our wallet currently holds 4.0757 BNB; we will use a maximum total of 4 BNB to provide liquidity. Since we need to provide liquidity at a 50/50 ratio value wise, we will need to swap 2 BNB for BIFI first.

Confirm Swap in the next pop-up screen.

4. Click "Add Liquidity"

5. Click "MAX" for BIFI input, Approve BIFI and Supply Liquidity

6. Confirm Supply

7. The vault now shows a balance!

Click on the vault to open up the deposit and withdraw menu.

8. "Approve"

9. "Deposit All"

That's it! We now created liquidity and deposited BIFI-BNB LP in the vault. You can check this guide to see when the vault will harvest rewards and compound for more BIFI-BNB LP tokens.

Removing Liquidity

1. "Withdraw All"

Note: withdrawal fees will be deducted from your deposited token amount.

2. Go back to PancakeSwap

and head over to the Liquidity section. It will show the BIFI-BNB LP tokens under "Your Liquidity"

3. Click "Remove"

In the next screen, click "Max" and Approve", and then "Remove".

4. Optional: Swap BIFI back to BNB

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