Beefy API

Last Update: November 2022
This page provides further details about the functionality and operation of Beefy's REST API, which powers our web application, dashboard and pages on third party sites.
You can access the API at, and the public repository is available on the Beefy GitHub. The API is maintained under the MIT license, with further details available on the GitHub repo.


Our API offers a range of public endpoints covering the full selection of data required for our web app, backend and dashboard, as well as some third party services.

Beefy Vault Endpoints

Endpoints developed for use by the Beefy Application to display vaults' live characteristics and performance to our users.
GET /vaults
GET /apy
GET /apy/breakdown
GET /tvl
GET /fees

External Asset Endpoints

Endpoints developed for use by the Beefy Application to display information about the assets underlying our Beefy vaults to our users.
GET /lps
GET /lps/breakdown
GET /tokens

Other Beefy App Endpoints

Endpoints developed for use by the Beefy Application to display other information not relating to individual vaults.
GET /config
GET /boosts
GET /bifibuyback

Dashboard Endpoints

Endpoints developed for the Beefy Dashboard to display overarching information about the protocol.
Please note that the Dashboard site and the /earnings endpoint are both no longer actively maintained by Beefy. Though the Dashboard site remains live, it does not reflect every vault that has been implemented and every chain that Beefy has deployed to.
GET /holders

Third Party Endpoints

Endpoints required or utilised by third party platforms to display information about Beefy or its products on their sites.
GET /cmc
GET /supply


Please note that Beefy does not currently operate or maintain any subgraphs for our protocol.
Our friends at Messari have developed a subgraph for our presence on BSC chain, which is available at, and on The Graph's website (ID: QmfEtMEgjik9FSZdqAmp2DkNFG4M9TK4Go8uyCUj8EVxY6). Beefy has had no role in the development or maintenance of this subgraph. Please direct any questions or requests for assistance in relation to this subgraph directly to Messari.

Other Data

For any readers seeking further information about Beefy and our protocol's performance, please head to the #📊-beefy-data channel in our Discord server. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have there and you're welcome to inspect the history of our discussions in that channel for further background into our data work.
You'll also find in that channel a collection of weekly reports on the breakdown of our $BIFI token across our different chains and vaults, which are lovingly prepared by core contributor EPETE.