How to deposit in a Vault

This visual guide will walk you through every step in depositing funds in a Vault



1. Go to the Beefy app page:

Again, make sure that your wallet is connected and that it is funded with tokens.

2. Use the filters to find a vault you want to deposit into:

The blockchain logos, the preset selection buttons and the search field all act as filters.

3. Example of filter usage

In this guide, we will use the BIFI Maxi vault on Arbitrum as an example:

Note that the BIFI Earnings Pool, in which you can earn WETH by depositing BIFI, also shows up. Open the BIFI Maxi vault by clicking anywhere in the field above.

4. Inside the BIFI Maxi vault:

5. The Deposit and Withdraw module:

6. An example deposit:

In this example, we first click the "Max" button to deposit all the BIFI in our wallet, followed by clicking on the "Deposit All" button.

When it is the first time you deposit in this vault, you need to grant permission to the vault's contract and allow it to access your funds:

In the next transaction you will be actually depositing in the vault:

In summary, depositing into a new vault always requires two transactions: one for approving the spending permission and one for the actual deposit.

7. Deposit confirmation:

On the block explorer page of the deposit transaction you can find out that the mooTokens are indeed supplied to your wallet after depositing in the vault. The token transfer will look something like this:

That's it, once the harvest function on this vault is called, you are already earning yield!

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