Team & Goals

When was Beefy launched?

Beefy was born on September 21, 2020, the day our governance distribution contracts went live. Our first set of vaults opened on October 8, 2020.

How is Beefy organized?

Beefy is a decentralized working hub for people with a vision to come together and build the future of global finance. Smart contract devs, UI, UX, strategists, statisticians, designers, and artists - anyone can join and contribute (no matter your nationality, sex, or views). By investing in Beefy, you are investing in the idea that a group of highly technical individuals can safely, securely and creatively leapfrog the dinosaurs of traditional finance.

DeFi, anonymity and Beefy

Personalities get in the way of projects, and we believe Beefy speaks for itself. By having a team that operates anonymously, even amongst itself, we can focus on providing the best experience for our users. That’s because we believe the strength of Beefy comes from what we build, which is an opportunity for investors to both automate and maximize the return of investment of their holdings. We urge anyone with concerns that anonymity diminishes credibility to join our Discord community and get a first-hand feeling for the strength and depth of the project.

That being said, Beefy is not fully anonymous. Team members go to conferences and get interviewed, both requiring physical presence. Integrations with large crypto exchanges, like Binance, requires providing personal information.

How can I get in touch with Beefy?

Our global community managers and team members can be contacted anytime through our official Telegram and Discord channels. We should mention that generally speaking within investment communities there are some bad actors around looking to scam, phish, or maliciously target users. Please double check the validity of whoever you talk to, and remember that no one representing Beefy will ever ask you to provide wallet keys or recovery codes.

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