Looking for a collaboration with Beefy? All the info you'll need is right here.

Beefy's network of partners and collaborators from across the world of DeFi are at the centre of what we do as a protocol. As a longstanding and trusted name in multiple DeFi markets, there are very few types of projects that we haven't collaborated with (though we're always keen to add more!). This page overviews our partnerships team and efforts, as well as the process that we have in place to handle requests from prospective partners.

The Beefy Partnerships Team

Our relationships with existing and new partners are managed by our dedicated partnerships team. The key members of the team are:

  • Weso - Head of Strategic Partnerships

  • Frondoto - Partnerships Lead

  • Zapmore - Partnerships Lead

  • The Beefy Cow (TBC) - Social Media / Marketing Lead

  • Cowmoonity Heroes and Farmhands - partnership vetting assistants

Even with our dedicated team, we're still inundated with partnerships requests. To manage this, we ask that prospective partners follow the process outlined below to kick things off, rather than reaching out directly to the team.

How do I connect with Beefy?

Prospective partners should head to the #🕵-partnership-vetting channel on the Beefy Discord server, to introduce yourself to our Cowmoonity. The channel is a dedicated space to discuss new and existing partnership opportunities, and for prospective partners to introduce themselves and their projects to our Cowmoonity.

Alternatively, if you prefer not to reach out via Discord, you can contact us through any of our other social media channels (including Twitter, Reddit and Telegram), and we'll put you in touch with our vetting assistants.

What does vetting consist of?

Our vetting process doesn't follow any strict guidelines or procedures, but simply involves our members gathering information from you and presenting this back to the Core team and Cowmoonity, together with a decision on whether to refer you to our Core team. Our members will look to assess the size and growth of your project or organisation, the nature and fit of your products and the kind of partnerships that could be pursued. We gladly accept projects volunteering their own information (check the channel for past examples), though our members will aim to come to their own verdict of whether to refer your request to Core.

To keep the process above board, we kindly ask that you refrain from directly messaging any of our Core team or Cowmoonity Heroes or Farmhands, unless specifically invited to. We're proud that our partnerships process embraces transparency, and hope that public vetting will provide you a platform to introduce your project to our Cowmoonity.

Can't I just speak to Core?

We get it. Sometimes a request may feel too pressing or a project may feel too important to need to go through vetting. Or you may have tried our vetting process, but found that our assistants are standing in your way. You might think it's a good idea to start messaging our Core team directly, to make sure your request is heard... but please, don't.

Our Cowmoonity Heroes and Farmhands are longstanding friends of the DAO, and have our best interests at heart. They're also well aware of when a request really is important, and won't hesitate to put you straight in touch with Core if appropriate. However, taking matters into your own hands is likely to pull Beefy's key resources away from their hard work building the protocol, and isn't the best first impression if you're then referred back to vetting. So take a deep breath, smile and trust in the process... our vetting assistants are here to help you.

What kinds of partnerships are there?

Beefy's network of partners spans every corner of the DeFi world, and beyond. There are really no limits to what a partnership with Beefy could entail. With that said, there are a number of common types of partnerships that we regularly engage in:

  • Blockchain partners - add Beefy to your chain to build out its DeFi ecosystem.

  • Decentralised exchange partners - bring liquidity to your exchange by having Beefy build autocompounding vaults on top of your farms.

  • Protocol co-marketing partners - market your project with Beefy's vaults and launchpools.

  • Wallet integration partners - have Beefy integrate your wallet into our site.

  • Insurance partners - protect and market to Beefy's users with dedicated products.

  • Infrastructure and security partners - bring your technology and services to bolster Beefy's operations.

Any last tips for prospective partners?

Now that you mention it:

  • Have a look through our #🕵-partnership-vetting channel on Discord, as well as all the threads attached to it. This'll give you a sense of how the vetting process goes, and what kind of information you'll be asked to give.

  • If you want to give a really good first impression, perhaps consider preparing your own summary in the style adopted by our vetting assistants for previous requests. Our assistants will still want to double check what you say, but this may save both you and us a fair amount of time and effort.

  • We'll often want to know about what you want Beefy to bring to a partnership, and what your project proposes to bring. Some points you may want to consider ahead of time are:

    • For common requests, like integrating a wallet into our site, we simply can't say yes to everyone who asks. So explain what separates you from others in the market, or what you plan to bring to Beefy to make an additional integration worth our while.

    • Where you're asking for co-marketing, bear in mind the relative size of your project and ours. For Beefy, partnering with tiny fledgling protocols often means we're giving more than we're getting in marketing efforts.

    • If you're considering asking Beefy's dev team to help you build your product, it's worth thinking about: (1) is your product a better use of their time than continuing to build our existing and successful protocol? and (2) if Beefy's team did want to build that product, why would they want or need to do it with you rather than doing it themselves?

  • For projects with your own token, consider whether you may want a Beefy vault to attract liquidity to your project, and whether a launchpool partnership may be of benefit to you.

  • If you're interested in a Beefy vault for your project, we'd recommend reading through our SAFU Standards page first, and assess whether you meet our criteria. This is one of the first questions you'll be asked in vetting, so best to come prepared with a "yes"!

  • If you're an individual looking to get involved with Beefy, you don't need a formal partnership! Head to the #💼-we-are-hiring page on the Beefy Discord to see what kind of paid and volunteer roles are available. And get stuck in with us from there.

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