Team & Goals

When was Beefy.Finance launched?

Our governance token distribution contracts went live on September 22, 2020. Our first set of vaults opened on October 8, 2020.

What’s your relationship with Binance Smart Chain?

The Beefy platform runs on the Binance Smart Chain network for many reasons. This includes drastically better performance than using Ethereum and transaction fees that also pale in comparison. This allows for investment strategies that take advantage of the level of automation possible by using BSC.

As a listed DApp on Trust Wallet, Binance’s official decentralized wallet, we operate with a special relationship as a trusted partner project. Becoming listed within their app requires the Trust Wallet team to closely investigate and judge the DApp as one that is suitable for their users and meets their quality of standards.

Do you have a team?

Our team is made up of a group of developers and community managers who run as an anonymous team.

Why is the project anonymous?

Like many decentralized projects in the cryptocurrency scene, we place a great deal of value on the anonymous nature of the platform. As we offer a number of unique investment strategies across a whole range of different cryptocurrencies, we want the strength of the project to come from what we say and BUIDL. Personalities get in the way of great projects, and we believe that Beefy.Finance speaks for itself.

It allows us to work much more freely in providing the best experience for our users. Rules and regulations regarding the purchase, sale, and handling of cryptocurrencies vary wildly around the world.

By having a team that operate anonymously, even amongst the team itself, we can make sure that our project allows all users to make their own decisions when it comes to investing their money.

How can I get in touch with the team?

Our community managers and team members can be contacted through our official Telegram channel As always, we recommend that you follow best practices when it comes to any crypto-based Telegram channel.

It’s not uncommon to be contacted by people looking to scam, phish, or maliciously target other users to misappropriate funds. For this reason, you should always double-check the validity of the identity of whoever you talk to.

Our community managers and the team will never ask you to provide your private wallet keys or recovery codes under any circumstances.