Beefy Backup
Sporadically, users are experiencing white screens, or blank screens, and can not access the Beefy DApp.
This might be Fleek or Cloudflare having maintenance, but it's hard to pinpoint the root cause. When it happens, it does not affect everyone but only some regions world wide. We understand that this can be frustrating!
First and foremost, don't worry, your funds are always SAFU on the blockchain, they are not on Beefy's website. The site is only a front end to let you access your funds easily.
If you are experiencing the aforementioned issues, try the following official mirror: or try using a VPN.
This mirror site is a developer's build, which we can provide as a backup for users that can't access Beefy's site. Remember, seed phrases and private keys will never be asked.
Last modified 1mo ago
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