Barn of Trust

What is a Trust Barn?

Our Barns of Trust provide users the opportunity to earn rewards in several DApp projects by staking $TWT or $BIFI in the vaults. The concept has been developed as a direct result of our ongoing partnership with Trust Wallet, Binance’s official decentralized wallet.

Each participant is allowed to stake a maximum of 1000 $TWT, which also applies across multiple wallets. Anyone found to be using multiple wallets will be removed and banned from future Trust Barns. After depositing $BIFI or $TWT, tokens are distributed to the staker. Each vault is plainly labeled with the particular project’s token that the Trust Barn pays out in.

You will receive rewards proportional to the amount staked in the vault, up to a maximum of one week. There is a total maximum of $25,000 worth of each DApp’s token for distributing the rewards.

How do I get my project involved in a Barn of Trust?

Applications to have your own Barn of Trust can be made by contacting the team at the Trust Wallet Community. After a decision has been made to engage with both the team at Beefy.Finance and Trust Wallet, $25,000 worth of your DApp’s token must be provided to distribute in the barn. $5000 worth must all be supplied to Trust Wallet to support marketing activities for the Barn.