Beefy Cowmoonity Tools

Tools to help the Beefy Cowmoonity

"Not many communities have this kind of skilled members, the least we can do to thank them is have a place to show their work."

PolygonDEX Yield Tracker

Polygon Yield Tracker is built and maintained by community member Terry.

"As a huge fan of Beefy Finance, I've made a tracker for the most popular LPs and single vaults on there. Please try it out, and let me know if you have any feedback." - Terry a site which browses all Beefy vaults in all networks.

"We are yield rodeos riding that Beef! (...) A gift from me to the community!" - naezith

The website has detailed filtering, sorting and extra data.

BSC Allowance Checker

Not exactly a cowmoonity project, but still a super handy tool. Forked from a token allowance checker on ETH, this tool is used to revoke spend permissions from DApps that your wallet has previously interacted with. Leaving these spend permissions enabled could allow dishonest teams or individuals to transfer all of your approved tokes at anytime without asking further permission from you. This tool is similar to the BscScan Token Approval Checker and